The Tower: Part One (English Edition) par Simon Toyne

The Tower: Part One (English Edition) par Simon Toyne

Titre de livre: The Tower: Part One (English Edition)

Auteur: Simon Toyne

Broché: 58 pages

Date de sortie: November 21, 2013

Éditeur: HarperCollins

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Simon Toyne avec The Tower: Part One (English Edition)

PART 1 OF 4. This book has been serialised into 4 parts. This Sunday Times bestselling conspiracy thriller from the author of SANCTUS is guaranteed to blow you away.

After centuries of secrecy, the forbidden Citadel in the historic Turkish city of Ruin opens its gates. A deadly disease has ravaged everything within. Charity worker Gabriel Mann is dying – but may also hold the only cure.

Without him, ex-journalist Liv Adamsen stands alone against those who want her silenced. However, Liv soon has far bigger concerns than just her own life…

In America, FBI agent Joe Shepherd searches for NASA’s missing head scientist. His investigation unearths a global conspiracy that is preparing for an event beyond all reckoning.

But nobody is ready for what is coming. And when it does – it will change everything.