The Axiom of Choice par Thomas J. Jech

The Axiom of Choice par Thomas J. Jech

Titre de livre: The Axiom of Choice

Auteur: Thomas J. Jech

Broché: 224 pages

Date de sortie: July 24, 2008

ISBN: 0486466248

Éditeur: Dover Publications

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Thomas J. Jech avec The Axiom of Choice

Comprehensive in its selection of topics and results, this self-contained text examines the relative strengths and consequences of the axiom of choice. Each chapter contains several problems, graded according to difficulty, and concludes with some historical remarks.
An introduction to the use of the axiom of choice is followed by explorations of consistency, permutation models, and independence. Subsequent chapters examine embedding theorems, models with finite supports, weaker versions of the axiom, and nontransferable statements. The final sections consider mathematics without choice, cardinal numbers in set theory without choice, and properties that contradict the axiom of choice, including the axiom of determinacy and related topics

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